Sea shanties and maritime music

To those who know and can feel, there is a smack of salt spray in every line of these rude virile verses. To them once again will come back the creak of the blocks as the falls whine through them, and the dead heavy lurch as the boat jerks upwards... I can hardly think of any words or tunes that appeal more intimately to all the spirit of adventure that life has left in me.

Arthur Conan Doyle, Letter to F. T. Bullen, 1914

This Day in History (April 2, 1801)

April 2, 1801, marks the First Battle of Copenhagen. The skirmish solidified Lord Nelson's fame. Nelson's Victory at Copenhagen is just one of the many ballads to memorialize the day.

This Day in History (March 26, 1921)

Built in Nova Scotia in 1920-21, Bluenose was a fishing and racing schooner named after an 18th-century nickname for Nova Scotians. Comissioned after the 1920 racing defeat of Riverport's Delawana to Gloucester's Esperanto, Bluenose won the International Fisherman's Cup with ease in her first set of races. The ship defended the title with significant success in the following years.

The ship was the pride of the province until she was wrecked on a coral reef off Île-à-Vache, Haiti, on January 28, 1946. She is among the most famous and favorite Canadian vessels, celebrated on Canadian stamps, on the Nova Scotia license plate, and by the Stan Rogers song of the same name. A replica, Bluenose II, was constructed in 1963 and rebuilt in 2013.

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