Now Is the Time for Fishing

Sam Larner

Produced by Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl. The Folkways liner notes provide MacColl's careful research into each song.

By the time he joined Folkways to record Now Is the Time for Fishing, Sam Larner had spent nearly half of his 82 years on the sea, surrounded by the songs and rhymes of fishermen. On this record, he shares some oft he bawdy ballads—punctuated by laughter, wit, and tales of the seafaring life—that made him a favorite in the public houses of his native Norfolk, England. The liner notes by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger contain an introduction detailing Larner's life and musical technique, as well as lyrics and track notes.
Track list:
  1. Now Is The Time For Fishing
  2. Up Jumped The Herring
  3. The Dogger Bank
  4. Henry Martin
  5. Butter And Cheese
  6. The Reckless Young Fellow
  7. Blow Away The Morning Dew
  8. All Fours
  9. Green Broom
  10. The Dockyard Gate
  11. No, Sir, No Sir
  12. Sealore ANd Rhymes
  13. The Drowned Lover
  14. The Dolphin
  15. The Bold Princess Royal
  16. The Ghost Ship
  17. Pleasant And Delightful
  18. Maids, When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man
  19. The WIld Rover