Sea Shanties And Loggers' Songs

Sam Eskin

Sam Eskin, according to the album’s original notes in 1951, "has been traveling across the United States for thirty-five years, learning songs from all sorts of people in all sorts of places." This fascinating collection of work songs is the product of Eskin’s wandering and includes extensive notes about life in logging camps.
  1. A Shanty-Man's Life
  2. River Driver's Song
  3. The Little Brown Bulls
  4. The Pinery Boy
  5. Poor Paddy Works The Railway
  6. The Rio Grande
  7. Clear The Track, Let The Bulgine Run
  8. Heave Away, My Johnny
  9. Boney
  10. Johnny Comes Down To Hilo
  11. The Sailor Loves
  12. Paddy Doyle's Boots
  13. A Hundred Years Ago
  14. Across The Western Ocean