Victory Sings At Sea

Hank Cramer, Mike James, Kat Eggleston, Mariide Widmann, Andy Bartels, Dan Roberts, Judy Grantham, William Pint, Philip Morgan, Robert Kotta, Teresa Morgan, Rob Folsom, J. W. Sparrow, Steve Guthe

Track list:

  1. Santy Anno
  2. The Final Trawl
  3. Jack Monroe
  4. John Cherokee
  5. The Grey Funnel Line
  6. Blow The Man Down
  7. Rollin Down To Old Maui
  8. Bay Of Biscay
  9. Ranzo Ray
  10. A Sailor's Prayer
  11. Leaving Of Liverpool
  12. Bully In The Alley
  13. Fishermen's Song
  14. A Hundred Years Ago
  15. Northwest Passage
  16. Old Fid
  17. Haul On The Anchor Chain
  18. Bonnie Ship The Diamond
  19. Across The Western Ocean