Whiskey Johnny

Jim McGrath & The Reprobates

  • Jim McGrath: vocals and guitar, bodhran
  • Fud Benson: fiddle and vocals
  • Walter McDonough: whistle, mandolin, bodhran
  • Jim Bennett: banjo, mandolin, guitar

Includes the Irish hornpipe tune The Rights of Man (DigiTrad 4963).

Track list:

  1. Whiskey Johnny/Fisherman's hornpipe
  2. The Sailor Cut Down in his Prime
  3. Cruisin' Round Yarmouth
  4. The Dolphin
  5. The Old Black Pearl
  6. The Unfortunate Rake / Swallowtail Jig
  7. Pay Me My Money Down
  8. The Zubenelgenubi —The Rights of Man
  9. The Wild Goose
  10. The Little Beggar Man
  11. The Harp Without a Crown
  12. Staten Island / Sailor's Hornpipe