Short Sharp Shanties, Vol. 1

Barbara Brown, Jackie Oates, Jeff Warner, Jim Mageean, Keith Kendrick, Roger Watson, ‎Sam Lee, Tom Brown

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Track list:
  1. Sing Fare You Well
  2. The Blackball Line
  3. Mr. Tapscott
  4. A Hundred Years On The Eastern Shore
  5. Fire! Fire! (Fire Down Below)
  6. Hanging Johnny
  7. Rio Grande
  8. Cheerly Man
  9. Poor Old Man (Johnny Come Down To Hilo)
  10. The Bully Boat (Ranzo Ray)
  11. Stormalong John
  12. Blow Boys Blow (Banks Of Sacramento)
  13. Carry Him To The Burying Ground (General Taylor)
  14. Bulgine Run
  15. Shallow Brown
  16. Won't You Go My Way
  17. Blow Boys, Come Blow Together
  18. Tommy's Gone