Short Sharp Shanties, Vol. 2

Barbara Brown, Jackie Oates, Jeff Warner, Jim Mageean, Keith Kendrick, Roger Watson, ‎Sam Lee, Tom Brown

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Track list:
  1. Rowler Bowler
  2. Whisky Is My Johnny
  3. So Early In The Morning
  4. Boney Was A Warrior
  5. Lucy Long
  6. Roll And Go
  7. Tom's Gone To Ilo
  8. Huckleberry Hunting
  9. Haul On The Bowline; Paddy Doyle; Johnnie Bowker
  10. Santy Anna; Whip Jamboree
  11. Good Morning Ladies All
  12. Knock A Man Down
  13. Shanadore
  14. A-roving
  15. Times Are Hard And Wages Low
  16. I Wish I Was With Nancy
  17. One More Day
  18. Sweet Nightingale