The Twenty-Fourth of February

(The 24th of February; The 23rd of February)

On the twenty-fourth of February,
the weather being clear,
We spied sev'n sail of Turkish men-o'-war
all belonging to Algier.
With my right fol leath-erol,
Right fol leath-er-ol,
Right fol leath-er-ol day!

Rod-dle did dle di, roddle did-dle day,
A right fol leather-ol day!

Now the first that came to our ship's side
It was the Pink so clear
Commanded by the big Bashaw,
And belonging to Algier.

The next that came to our ship's side
It was the Rose and Crown;
We fired into her a good broadside,
And quickly she went down.

So two we took, and one we sunk;
The rest, they run away;
And one we brought to old England's shore
To show we had won the day.

From Sea Songs and Shanties by W. B. Whall (1910, 1912, 1913, 1920)