Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy

(Adieu, My Lovely Nancy; Parting Moments)

Farewell, my lovely Nancy,
Ten thousand times adieu!
I'm a-going for to cross the ocean
In search of something new.
Come, change a ring wid me, my dear,
Come change a ring wid me;
And that will be my fond token
When I am on the sea-
When I am on the sea,
And you don't know where I be.

Now one fond kiss, my Nancy dear,
Now one fond kiss for me,
Before I go for to begin
To roam upon the sea.
And hear this secret of my heart:
Wid the best of my good-will,
Be where it may, this poor body,
Is yourn, sweet Nancy, still-
Is yourn, sweet Nancy, still,
Wid the best of my good-will.

John Ross Browne in Etchings of a Whaling Cruise (1846)