Forecastle Songs and Ballads

190 songs

Nelson's Death and Victory
The Florida's Cruise
Dirty Cook
On Board of the Victory
The Race of the Flying Fishermen
Come All You Tonguers
Under the Southern Cross
Captain Ward and the Rainbow
Soon May The Wellerman Come
The Bay of Biscay O
Jack the Sailor
Jack Monroe
Charles Gustavus Anderson
Carrying Nelson Home
Yellow Meal
The Maid I Left Behind
Sally Monroe
Mein Vader Vos Ein Dutchman
Married To a Mermaid
Der Allerbeste Koch
Limejuice Ship
Besanschoot An
Sampan Girl
Des Seemanns Trinklied
Les Filles de la Rochelle
La Danaë
Rude Boreas
Un Petit Navire
Frisch Auf Mit Alle Mann An Deck
Barney Buntline
Le trente-et-un du mois d'août
The Balena
Allen Die Villen Naar Island
Little Mohee
Charge the Can Cheerily
The Norfolk Girls
Nancy Lee
Bell-Bottom Trousers
I Am a Brisk and Sprightly Lad
Jack the Guinea Pig
We Be Three Poor Mariners
The Jam on Gerry's Rock
Tom Bowline
Way Down in Cuba
The Lawlands o' Holland
The Saucy Arethusa
The Fishes
The Shannon and the Chesapeake
Will Watch
Come, Loose Every Sail to the Breeze
The Voice of Her I Love
The Female Smuggler
Sling the Flowing Bowl
Adieu to Maimuna
Eight Bells
Enterprise and Boxer
Far, Far at Sea
Heart of Oak
Captain Bover
Red Iron Ore
The Persia's Crew
The Cruise of the Bigler
There She Blows!
The Boston Come-All-Ye
Rocks In De Mountens
In De Mornin'
The Dom Pedro
The Girls Around Cape Horn
The Shenandoah
Home, Dearie, Home
Old Fid
A Sailor's Prayer
The Bay of Biscay
Grey Funnel Line
The Little Beggar Man
The Zubenelgenubi
The Dolphin
Her Bright Smile
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Andrew Rose
Derby Ram
The Jamestown Homeward Bound
The Constitution and Guerrière
Ye Parliament of England
Stormy Winter's Night
Cawsand Bay
Flash Gals of the Town
Go To Sea No More
Hambord Du Schöne Stadt
Bold MacCarteney
Mettons La Chaloupe à L'Eau
Ben Backstay
Cantu À Timùni
Retour de Marin
Les Trois Marins de Groix
Adieu Madras
Brave Admiral Benbow
The Diamond
The Wreck of the Ellen Munn
The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime
The Dark Eyed Sailor
All For Me Grog
The Ship In Distress
Topman and the Afterguard
Rolling Down To Old Maui
Captain Kidd
Paul Jones
Blow Ye Winds In The Morning
Captain Nipper
Maggie May
While Cruising Around Yarmouth
Handsome Cabin Boy
The Jolly Sailor Lads
The Sailor Boy
On Board a Ninety-Eight
Liberty for the Sailors
Nelson's Victory at Copenhagen
Nelson's Death
The Valiant Sailor
The Nightingale
The Press Gang
The Seventeen Bright Stars
The Banks of the Nile
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Do Me Ama
Admiral Benbow
The Mermaid
Spanish Ladies
The Sweet Trinity
The Loss of the Cedar Grove
Southerly Wind
Call John the Boatman
In Measure Time We'll Row
The Little Golden Ring
When Johnson's Ale Was New
Our Jack's Come Home Today
They All Love Jack
The Sailor's Hornpipe
The Ocean Burial
The Sailor Boy
Let Go the Reef Tackle
The Anchor's Aweigh
Swansea Town
Rolling Home
The Sailor's Grave
The First of the Emigrants
The Coast of Peru
The Flying Dutchman
The Ship Rambolee
Lady Franklin's Lament
The Female Warrior
The Bold Princess Royal
Bold Manning
The Light on Cape May
The Stately Southerner
The Cumberland's Crew
The Banks of Newfoundland
The Dreadnaught
Paddy West
As I Went A-Walking Down Ratcliffe Highway
The Sailor's Way
The Big Five-Gallon Jar
Go to Sea No More
Row, Bullies, Row
The Leaving of Liverpool
The Ebenezer
Bound Down to Newfoundland
The Loss of the Druid
The Schooner Kandahar
The Schooner Blizzard
Corbitt's Barkentine
The Donzella and the Ceylon
The Gale of August, '27
A Trip to the Grand Banks
The Ghostly Crew
Canso Strait
The Flying Cloud
The Spring Trip of the Schooner Ambition
Farewell to Tarwathie
Wild and Ugly
High Barbary
I Come from Salem City
Salt Horse Chantey

After the day's work, when supper had been eaten and mess-kits put away, came the sailor's leisure time. Pipes were lit, a fiddle or accordion was brought about, and singing, dancing, and yarn-spinning commenced. These are generally sentimental ballads or stories of famous men, battles, romance, humor, or longing for home. Popular tunes filtered in from the shore as well.

The forecastle serves as the crews quarters. In British merchant service parlance, these songs were known as "fore-bitters."