Nelson's Death

(Nelson's Monument)

All Britons long expected good news from our fleet,
Commanded by Lord Nelson, the French for to meet,
Till at length the news come over through the country was spread,
That the French were defeated but Nelson was dead.

He was a bold commander, as sail the ocean wide,
He made the French to tremble with his terrible broadside;
One hundred fights he'd been in, and never once was beat,
Though he'd one arm and one eye no power could him defeat.

This bold undaunted hero on the quarter deck he stood,
You would admire his action with the decks awash with blood.
But aloft all in the rigging a Frenchman fired a ball,
And that was the cause of our bold Lord Nelson's fall.

Then up steps the doctor in a hurry he did say:
"My lord, indeed I'm sorry to see you bleed this way."
"No matter, and no matter, whatever about me,
It's to my gallant seamen your first duty should be."

He called unto his captain: "How does the battle go?
I hear our great guns rattle, oh death is near I know."
"Oh, it's eighteen we have captured and our men they are on board,
And we'll blow the French from the ocean, my lord."

Come all you bold seamen, let the bottle go round,
For Nelson was loyal and true to the crown.
Here's God bless all seamen that speak of his good,
And God bless our fleet and the brave Lord Collingwood.

But mourn, England, mourn, oh mourn and complain,
For the loss of Lord Nelson that died on the main.