Nelson's Death and Victory

(On Board the Man o' War)

'Twas the twenty-first of October before the rising sun
We formed a line for action, my boys, at twelve o'clock begun.
Our mast and rigging was shot away Besides some thousands in that fray
Were killed and wounded on that day
On board a man o' war.

From broadside to broadside our cannon balls did fly;
Like hailstones the small shot around our deck did lie.
Brave Nelson to his men did say, "The Lord has promised us this day.
Give them the broadside, fire away,
On board the man o' war."

And then our brave commander with grief he shook his head:
"There is no relief, there is no reprieve, brave Nelson he is dead.
It was a fatal musket ball that caused our hero for to fall.
Let him die in peace, God bless you all,
On board the man o' war."

As sung by George Dunn