There was a gay young farmer, who lived on Sal's'bry Plain,
He lov'd a rich knight's daughter dear, an' she lov'd him again;
The knight was so distress-ed, that they should sweet-hearts be,
That he had the farmer soon press-ed, and he whipp'd him off to sea

Singin' Rule Brittania! Two tanners make a bob,
Five make two an' six, an' one for his knob!

'Twas on the deep Atlantic midst the equinoctial gales,
The young farmer fell overboard among the sharks and whales;
He disappeare so quickly, headlong down went he,
And he went out of sight, like a streak o' light, to the bottom of the deep blue sea.

We lowered a boat to find him, we thought to see his corpse,
When up to the top, he came with a shock, and said in a voice so hoarse,
"My shipmates and my messmates, oh, do not weep for me,
For I'm married to a mermaid at the bottom of the deep, blue sea."

From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)