Der Allerbeste Koch (The Finest Cook)

I am the very finest cook,
Ch: Jub hei di! Jub hei di!
The saucepan's leak with chewin' plug,
Ch: Jub hei di, hei da!
I stopped so well, and made it shine,
The soup it tasted ever so fine.

Jub hai di! Jub hai da!
Schnapps is good for the cholera!
Jub hei di! Jub hei da!
Jub hei di, hei da!

Each morn when I rise early too,
I then make coffee for the crew,
It's weak and very good for you,
But never drink when you baccy chew!

The pots i keep quite clean and fine,
Both inside and the outside shine,
Each month I wash 'em out and so,
In the briny sea I rinse 'em, ho!

The captain's food that I do make,
Is really fine and nice to take,
And so I purloin all the best,
And place it aside in me old sea-chest.

For lard a chap can get good cash,
So I keep it far from meat and hash,
For this trip must make me rich,
With lard and bacon to do the trick!

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)