Hurrah jolly,
Ch: Sez he,
I am cook,
Ch: Sez he,
Drink right well,
Ch: Sez he,
A glass of grog,
Ch: Sez he,
Been to sea,
Ch: Sez he,
Twenty years,
Ch: Sez he,
And have always,
Ch: Sez he,
Plenty luck!

Yellow peas,
Cook for me,
Keep them stirred,
Right way through,
A piece of bacon,
Jolly big,
Taste and sea,
Mighty good.

Baked dumplings,
As well known,
I split first,
In the hand,
Then I roll 'em,
Make 'em round,
They taste well,
And are sound.

But one part,
That is there,
I take care,
For myself,
For my worry,
And for my trouble,
Always something,
Put aside!

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)