Heaving Shanties

95 songs

Shove Her Up!
The Ward Line
The Montague
From Sourabaya to Pasuruan
Heave Away Cheerily
The Yangtze River Shanty
Pump Shanty
De Kock
In Kwam Last Over Een Berg
Supen Ut, En Dram Pä Man
En Gammal Brigg
La Danaë
Bounty Was a Packet Ship
De Hamborger Viermaster
Det Hände Sig I Göteborg
Skeppet Bernadotte
Frisch Auf Mit Alle Mann An Deck
Le Grand Coureur
Et Nous Irons à Valparaiso
Cape Cod Girls
Poor Lucy Anna
Walk Along Rosey
Sister Susan
Ten Stone
Mudder Dinah
The Fishes
He-back, She-back
Quand la Boiteuse Va-t'au Marché
En Sjöman Älskar Havets Våg
Lucy Long
The Bully Boat
Roller, Bowler
Billy Boy
The Girls Around Cape Horn
Run with the Bullgine
Ring Down Below
Mobile Bay
One More Day
Paddy Works on the Railway
The Hog Eye Man
John Cherokee
Clear the Track
Slav Ho!
Rosabella Fredolin
Skön Jungfrun Hon Gångar Sig Till Högsta Berg
Det Blåser Kallt, Kallt Våder Ifran Sjön
De Ijzere Man
Å Kom Till Mig På Lördag Kvall
Passant Par Paris
Wat Wi Doht
Hambord Du Schöne Stadt
O Du Glade Sjoman
Doodle Let Me Go
Strike The Bell
Johnny Came Down To Hilo
All Bound To Go
Fare Thee Well
Fire Down Below
Wild Goose Shanty
The Sailboat Malarkey
Spanish Ladies
The Maid of Amsterdam
Rolling Home
Row, Bullies, Row
The Ebenezer
Old Stormalong
Santy Anna
John Brown's Body
Sally Brown
South Australia
The Campañero
Can't They Dance the Polka
Paddy, Lay Back
Highland Laddie
Huckleberry Hunting
Whiskey, Johnny
I Come from Salem City
Leave Her, Johnny
Across the Western Ocean
Homeward Bound
Banks of the Sacramento
Away Rio
Poor Old Man
Drunken Sailor

Heaving shanties are used while working the capstan, brake windlass, or ship pumps. The rhythm and structure is suited to specific tasks such as weighing anchor, cutting-in whales, offloading cargo, or pumping ship. Whereas pulling and hauling required great, punctuated force, the tasks suited to these shanties required continuous effort.