I nebber seen de like sence I ben bawn!
Ch: Way-ay-ay-ay
Negro on de ice an a hoe-in up corn
Ch: Way-ay-ay-ay
Ten stone! ten stone, ten stone de win' am ob-er!
Jenny git along,
Jenny blow de horn,
As we go marchin' ober!

From Songs of Sea Labour by Frank T. Bullen & W. F. Arnold (1914)

I never seen the like since I been born,
Jenny with a jib-boom hoeing up corn

The possum jump and the panther roar
Ben dancing this dolly since half past four

If the sun don't shine and the hens won't lay
And if you don't then the boss won't pay

The gals they say yer a bunch of liars
You're bound to hell for to feed them fires

And if you drown well you were young
It's better to drown than to wait to be hung

We dig your ditch with a silver spade
Well there ain't no diggin' in a watery grave

From the Boarding Party's recording