O Du Glade Sjoman (O Ye Merry Seamen)

Now you are leaving this country,
To sail around the world and 'cross the wide ocean.

Repeat all as chorus

Merry and contented, you sing so cheerfully,
Putting your faith in the Lord and high Heaven.

The cable is hove in, the sailors are braced tautly.
A hand to the wheel, and the crowd coil down.

Toward the shore fond farewells are sent,
A tender farewell to our dear homeland.

Now we're trim and taut, the ship gathers way,
The little cottage on the strand sees us sail away.

There stands my sweetheart with tear-stained cheeks,
Sad is she but we'll soon meet again.

The day is dying, and the night is growing wild,
The wind is howling in every stay and sail.

The sun has gone - no stars are to be seen,
The seas are wild - tearing at our sides.

The ship is laboring heavily - the water pours aboard,
Many fine seamen have found a watery grave.

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)