I shipped on board of the Ebenezer,
Ev'ry day 'twas scrub an' grease 'er,
Send us aloft to scrape 'er down,
An' if we growl'd they'd blow us down.

Oh git along boys, git along do
Handy, me boys, so handy!
Git along, boys, git along do
Handy, me boys, so handy!

The Old Man wuz a drunken geezer,
Couldn't sail the Ebenezer,
Learnt his trade on a Chinese junk,
He spent mos' time, sir, in his bunk.

The chief mate's name wuz Dickie Green, sir,
The dirtiest begger, ye've ever seen, sir,
Walkin' his poop wid a bucko roll,
May the sharks have his body an' the devil have his soul.

A Boston buck wuz second greaser,
He used to ship in Limejuice ships, sir,
The Limey packets got too hot,
He jumped 'em an' he cursed the lot.

The bosun came from Tennessee, sir,
He always wore a Blackball cheeser,
He had a gal in every port,
At least that's what his Missus thought.

The Ebenezer wuz so old, sir,
She knew Columbus as a boy, sir,
'Twas pump her, bullies, night an' day,
To help her git to Liverpool Bay.

Wet hash it wuz our only grub, sir,
For breakf'st, dinner, an' for supper,
Our bread wuz as tough as any brass,
An' the meat wuz as salty as Lot's wife's ass!

From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)