'Twas in the schoon-er Kan-da-har, With Cap-tain Wil-liam Shube,
We were a crew of sev-en all told, A hap-py joy-ful crew.
And when we go to do our work We do it joy-ful-ly,
And when we al-so go on shore, We have a joll-ly good spree.

It's also when we go on shore, we dress so very neat.
We try to charm those pretty girls, Which we meet upon the street.
They boldly step up to us And they ask us who we are;
We answer them politely, "From the schooner Kandahar!"

It's then we went to Louisburg A load of coal to take,
Bound down to St. John's, Newfoundland, a quick passage we did make.
Our captain he chartered her there For the island of Barbados.
He says, "We'll get our vessel ready for the favorable winds that blows!"

After thirteen days on passage Our vessel she sprang a leak,
But it not being serious On our same old course did keep.
With the favorable trade-winds a-blowing, We arrived in four days more,
But owing to smallpox raging there We were not allowed on shore.

They wanted to quarantine us; This made our captain mad.
He says, "Give me my orders and I'll go to Trinidad!"
After telegraphing all around, which caused us much delay,
The customs officer came on board and ordered us under way.

So gladly we got under way And went to Trinidad.
After lying there a week or more, Our vessel was leaking bad.
We had to go to St. Thomas's To put her on the slip.
I tell you, there we enjoyed ourselves The best of all that trip!

It's then we went to Sant'mingo, And that's a very good port.
We loaded a load of sugar Bound up to old New York.
With the favorable breezes a-blowing, We were getting right around;
We bid adieu to the Yankee girls, For Lunenburg we were bound.

We arrived safely in Lunenburg, The place we love the best;
We opened a jug of St. Thomas's rum And I guess you'll know the rest!
Now much success to the Kandahar With Captain William Shube,
Likewise mate, cook and sailors! We were a jolly crew.

From Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman by William Main Doerflinger (1951, '72, '91)