The Hog Eye Man

(Hog-Eyed Man)

Oh the hog-eye man is the man for me,
He were raised down in Tennessee
Ch: With a hog-eye! Row the boat ashore for the hog's eye
Steady on a jig with a hog's eye oh, she wants the hog-eye man!

Oh who's been here while I've been gone?
Some big black sailor with his sea boots on?

Oh, bring me down my riding cane,
For I'm going to see my darling Jane.

Oh Jenny's in the garden a-picking peas,
And her golden hair's hanging down to her knees.

Oh a hog's-eye ship, and a hog's-eye crew,
And a hog's-eye mate, and a skipper too.

Now where have you been gone so long
You Yankee Jack wid de sea boots on?
From The Shanty Book by Richard Runciman Terry (1921 and 1926)
Oh, the hog-eye man is all the go

When he comes down to San Fran-cis-co.

Oh, I won't wed a black man, damned if I do,
He's got jiggers in his feet and he can't wear a shoe.

Sally's in the kitchen punching duff (i.e. dough)
While the cheeks of her arse go chuff-chuff-chuff

Sally's in the parlor, sittin' on his knee
Kissin' the sailor come from sea

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