Hauling Shanties

88 songs

Johnny, Fill Up the Bowl
Down the Bay to Juliana
Chicken on a Raft
De Hoffnung
De Kock
Brindisi di Marinai
Coal Black Rose
He Wears Spurs
St. Helena Soldier
The Buffalo
The Fishes
Stand to your Ground
Mother Carey
Uncle Sam
Wo, Stormalong
In Frisco Bay
The Sailor Likes His Bottle O
Tiddy I O
General Taylor
Hilo Somebody
Good Morning Ladies, All
Cheer'ly Men
Roll and Go
Come Roll Him Over
Run with the Bullgine
Bully in the Alley
The Final Trawl
Pay Me My Money Down
Mobile Bay
One More Day
Abel Brown
The Hog Eye Man
Liza Lee
Sing Sally O
Min Mand Han Var En Sjömand
Derrière Chez Nous
Haul Away, Old Fellow, Away
Daar Was Eens Een Meisje Loos
Jean-François de Nantes
Ane Madam
Hambord Du Schöne Stadt
Du Runer von Hamborg
Where Am I To Go, Me Johnnies
Ej Bör Vi Sörja, Ej Bör Vi Klaga
As-tu Connu le Père Lancelot?
Vi Styrte Ut Över Atlanten
Bring 'em Down
Black Ball Line
Won't You Go My Way
Whup Jamboree
Old Billy Riley
A Hundred Years Ago
Blood Red Roses
Round the Corner
Old Stormalong
Sally Brown
Highland Laddie
Rise Me Up from Down Below
Roll the Old Chariot
Gimme de Banjo
Hello, Somebody
A Long Time Ago
Shallow Brown
Roll the Cotton Down
The Alabama
Hanging Johnny
Huckleberry Hunting
Tommy's Gone to Hilo
So Handy
Whiskey, Johnny
John Dameray
Leave Her, Johnny
Paddy Doyle
Johnny Boker
Haul on the Bowline
John Kanaka
Blow, Boys, Blow
Haul Away, Joe
Boney Was a Warrior
Reuben Ranzo
Blow the Man Down
Poor Old Man
Drunken Sailor

A song from this large class of shanties would be used to synchronize hands during tasks that required significant physical exertion. The most clear example is in using a rope to raise a sail, perhaps amidst the rocky waves of an icy storm. The sails of the 1788 warship HMS Royal George, for example, weighed 10 tons and covered over 2 acres!