Du Runer von Hamborg (The Runners of Hamburg)

The sea ran, and the wind it blows,
Ch: Kümmel and beer for me!
Sailor John is a rorty chap,
Ch: Oh, Kümmel and beer for me!

Rouse out all hands - away on deck,
The Old Man wants the tops'ls stowed.

And when we now to Hamburg come,
Ye'll see there all the runners stand.

Oh, there you are, Elias, you rogue,
I've seen you many times before,

Well, I know you need a brand new hat,
I have one in the latest style.

And a handerkerchief most certainly,
And a new tie, too, you also need.

And also a bit of cotton and soap,
And one pound for amusement.

Oh, what about a drop of kümmel?
An' a big cigar tasting so fine?

I'm paying off, oh, that is clear,
We'll go ashore and shout hurrah!

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)