With the wind old Mother Carey,
Yo ho oh!
Churns the sea to make her dairy:
Yo ho oh!

When you see a storm a-brewin’,
That is Mother Carey’s doin’:

When you see Mother Carey’s chickens,
Then look out to catch the dickens!

When you hear the icebergs rattle,
Those are Mother Carey’s cattle:

When you see them split—a-halving,
Then Mother Carey’s cows are calving:

When you see a flying fish,
Lose no time but make your wish:

Irish pennons when they’re flying,
Set old Mother Carey crying:

When the sea-gulls dip for slush,
Mother Carey stirs the mush:

When one sea-gull follows you,
Mother Carey soon makes it two:

When the sea-gulls fly by two,
Soon good luck will come to you:

When the sea-gulls fly by threes,
Soon you’ll have a spanking breeze:

If seven follow you into port,
There the sailors’ll have good sport:

When a rope trails in the water,
That is Mother Carey’s garter:

When the clouds are red as roses,
Those are Mother Carey’s posies:

If you want to win your Mary,
Throw out a biscuit to Mother Carey:

From Songs of the Sea and Lays of the Land by Charles Godfrey Leland (1895)