Daar Was Eens Een Meisje Loos (Once There Was a Crafty Girl)

Once there was a crafty girl
: Hurrah, my boy! Hurrah, my boy!

Who wanted to go sailing as ordinary seamen,
: Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, my boy!

She took service for seven years,
Because she didn't fear any danger.

She brought her chest and gear aboard,
Like a young sailor should.

Then she had to climb aloft,
Furling the sails with gaskets.

But a heavy gale and thunderstorm,
Tore the sails from her hands.

They tied her to the mast,
With her hands and feet fastened.

She called: "Captain, don't strike me,
I'm your lover, can't you see?"

And at that moment they unfastened her,
And she was touched with a kiss.

Then she went into the cabin,
Taking off her sailor clothes.

And what happened in the cabin,
That the first mate does not know.

But before the ship reached shore,
A new young sailor had arrived.

And, when she came into the town,
Where her mother lived,

She called: "Mother don't get angry,
I've sailed as a young seaman."

"With one who loves me true,
I have this innocent, little child."

"But before it is Whitmonday,
I'll be his husband, that's for sure!"

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)