Besanschoot An (Here's Your Rum!)

(Here's Your Rum!)

For many months, for many years, we've sailed the salty seas,
But never lost on nights of storm our guts and bravery,
We love the run of salty foam the rolling waves that come,
But we like best the captain's roar:
"Come on, here is your rum!"

Repeat the last two lines in each verse as chorus

The anchor's up, the canvas loose, pas Cuxhaven then we sail,
With Heligoland soon left behind, we pray for a steady gale,
"One man on lookout, relieve the wheel!" the first mate's orders come:
"Free watch below!" and then his words?
"Come aft an' get your rum!"

But at Cape Horn in western storms our tops'ls blew away,
"All hands on deck! Put her about!" 'Twas such all night an' day,
At last the hardships had an end, we saw our steward come,
He called, a bottle in his hand,
"Come aft an' get yer rum!"

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)