In Frisco bay there lay three ships
Ch: To my way-ay-ay-o
In Frisco bay there lay three ships
Ch: A long time a-go!

And one of those ships was Noah's old Ark,
And covered all over with hickory bark.

They filled up the seams with oakum pitch.

And Noah of old commanded this Ark.

They took two animals of every kind.

The bull and the cow they started a row.

Then said old Noah with a flick of his whip:
Come stop this row or I'll scuttle the ship.

But the bull put his horn through the side of the Ark;
And the little black dog he started to bark.

So Noah took the dog, put his nose in the hole;
And ever since then the dog's nose has been cold.

From English Folk-Chanteys by Cecil Sharp (1914)