Ch: Haul on the anchor chain
And pull on the oar
And we'll raise a glass together
If we reach the other shore

The turn around to Bainbridge
Is an hour forty flat
You can listen to even Steven
Or the lovely singin' Kat*

The Captain comes from Kansas
He's a mighty sailing man
For a guy whose lost his glasses
He does the very best he can

From the pier at Point Defiance
On the blue Commencement Bay
The breezes waft across the water
To wish you gaily on your way

The first mate is quite jolly
From the funnels right on down
He know every little cubby hole
where a bottle can be found

The galley is so spacious
Its a delight to the eye
And the food is so delicious
As we all can testify

By the mighty diesel engines
the engineer is vigilant
If the Cabin Boy remembers
To go down and wake him up

The pilot is kept busy
Ironing shirts and mending socks
But I'll be darned if he can keep her
Off the shoals or the rocks

So remember weary travelers
If you're looking for some fun
The finest to be had's on the ferries
in the State of Washington

As sung by James W. Sparrow