Boney Was a Warrior

(Boney; John Franswor; John Francois)

Boney was a warrior,
Ch: Away ay-yah!
A warrior, a tarrier,
Ch: John Fran-swah!

Boney fought the Roo-shi-ans,
Boney fought the Proo-shi-ans.

Miscow was a-blazing,
And Boney was a-raging.

Boney went to Elbow,
Boney he came back again.

Boney went to Waterloo,
There he got his overthrow.

Boney broke is heart and died
Away in St. Helena.

Drive her, captain, drive her,
Drive her, captain, drive her.

Give her the topgallantsails;
It's a weary way to Baltimore.

From Roll and Go by Joanna Carver Colcord (1924)