Annie Madam was a beautiful maid,
: Ah haa! Annie Madam!

Annie Madam had a fatherless babe.
: Ah haa! Annie Madam!

Come seamen now set yer snowy white sails,
Come hoist yer gans'ls and lofts royals.

But first let us head out to Sandvigen town,
An' there with the girls we will let sorrow drown.

To Madam Felle's, oh, a visit we'll pay,
An' from our thick heads clear the cobwebs away.

With nettles and straw she had bunged up the door,
As she'd had her fill of us sailors before.

But just then there came a wild nor'west wind,
The door it burst open - the sailors rolled in.

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)