South Australia is my home
Ch: Heave away, haul away!
South Australia is my home
Ch: I'm bound for South Australia

Heave away,
Heave away
Heave away you rolling king
I'm bound for South Austalia

There ain't but the one thing grieves my mind,
To leave my wife and child behind.

My wife is standing on the quay;
The tears do start as she waves to me

Now fare you well and fare you well;
Now fare you well, I wish you well.

From Roll and Go by Joanna Carver Colcord (1924)

South Australia is my native land
Ch: Heave away! Heave away!
Mountains rich in quartz and sand.
Ch: I am bound for South Australia

Heave away!
Heave away!

Heave away, you Ruler King,
I am bound for South Australia

Gold and wool, brings ships to our shore,
And our coal will load many more.

Here's a packet anchored off the pier,
There's a bar ashore with foaming beer.

Heave! Oh heave! and we'll all go ashore,
Where we will drink with girls galore.

Glasses filed, we'll touch with a clink,
Heave! bullies, heave! the girls want a drink.

I see Julia, standing on the quay,
With a dame for you and me.

At the head of Sandridge Railroad pier,
Straight to Mother Shilling's we'll steer.

Julia slins the sheoak at the bar
And welcomes sailors from afar.

In the dance hall there you'll pick your girl
With golden hair and teeth of pearl.

She will drink you blind while at the bar,
And call you, "Dear, my own Jack Tar."

She'll waltz you round in a dizzy dance,
While you're half drunk and in a trace.

Then we'll go to Mother Shilling's name,
And drink again to the lvoely dame.

In the arms of girls we'll dance and sing,
For sheoak will be Ruler King.

Drunk! For sheoak's gone to our head,
The girls can put us all to bed.

From The Making of a Sailor by Frederick Pease Harlow (1928)