A sailor's greatest deligh is,
Ch: Fredolin
Oh to love a pretty girl, ha, ha,
Ch: Fredolin
But if she shows herself to be false,
Oh, she shall have no joy for me,
Ch: Rosabella Fredolin!

I sailed away and said farewell,
And all too soon she me betrayed.
It is well seen what she gave me,
Who could get hold of another's heart.

Those letters which I wrote to her,
She tore them all, into small bits;
She made them into hair curlers,
And oh, that has really made my heart ache.

A ropemaker's daughter is she whom
I am singing this song about.
She likes to dance and it's sure,
She'll end on the floor with a bottle.

And to her is this directed,
That one can come there when one will.
She has everything ready;
Tobacco and pipe one finds there.

Now I am singing my farewell song,
And thank all the girls for this time.
Come, seamen, keep up your good spirits
And drink up since the girl's fancies awake.

From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)