They say life has its ups and downs
That really now is quite profound
I'd like to push the capstan round
But it's pump me boys before we drown.

Pump me boys, pump 'er dry
Down to hell and up to the sky
Bend your back and break your bones
We're just a thousand miles from home.

The ocean we all do adore
So come on lads let's pump some more
Don't worry if you're stiff and sore
I'm sure we've pumped this bit before.

The captain's daughter, I suppose
Could be called an English Rose
What would you think when I propose
The pox she gave to me a dose.

This Rose well she did prick me sore,
I've never felt so bad before
Thanks to the girl I do adore
I thought I'd never pump no more.

I called the doctor right away
To find out what he had to say
"That's two pounds ten - get on your way"
I'm sure the girl is in his pay.

Sometimes when I am in me bed
And thinking of me day ahead
I wish that I could wake up dead
But pumping's all I get instead.

Yes, how I wish that I could die
The swine who built this tub to find
I'd drag him back from where he fries
To pump until the beggar's dry.

If Noah used him for his ark
Oh wouldn't that have been a lark?
From rising sun 'til getting dark
The animals all hard at work (singin')

There's so much water down below
Just how it got there I don't know
The old man says, "Let's roll and go"
But I think we're bound for Davy Jones.

From The Shanty Crew, Stand To Yer Ground