The Campañero

Oh, whenever I went away, the story I'd like to tell,
About an 'andy little bark, the Campañero!

Oh, the skipper, he is a bulldozer,
And you never did hear the words that come from a man's mouth so often.
The mate he wants to fight, and the durin' every night,
The boys around the hatch they all surround him.

So it's between the coko and the pump,
Well, they drive me off me chump
On that handy little bark, the Campañero!
But if it's ever up to me,
Well, I'd never go to sea,
About that handy little bark, the Campañero!

Well, I'd have you all to know that wherever you do go,
If you see the name a-running fore-and-aft her,
Don't jine her anywhere, or you'll never forget the day
That you jined that 'andy little bark, the Campañero!

You may ring around the world, and go just where you please.
She's a livin' at a single time for days and months.
But if you'll take a sailor's advice, you'll get married once or twice,
Before you jine that 'andy little bark, the Campañero!

From Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman by William Main Doerflinger (1951, '72, '91)