Me have got a flower boat,
Come sailing Chu-ki-ang,
Sampan girlie play to you
All the same sing-song.

Lao-yeh, you like me?
Tzia-tzia, velly good.
Foreign man to Canton come,
Me got plenty chow.

Homeside have got pidgin,
Me savvy, me can tell,
Bring me master chicken,
Chi-da, velly well.

Suppose he likee Sam-shu,
It all the same can-do,
Chop-chop me fetch him,
Big-big Da-bing-yu.

You no likee Yang-yen,
Me lightie littie pipe,
He go smokie Shang-yen,
Belong velly velly tight.

From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)