The Spring Trip of the Schooner Ambition

It was in the schooner Ambition,
That I'm going to sing about
Albert Himmelmann was our captain,
Nineteen was our full crowd

He telephoned to the crew to come
To go away this day
It was on March the twenty-ninth
We're the first to fill away

We are in the port of Canso
The place we all know well,
and taking a baiting of frozen squid
The Atlantic Fish company did sell.

We went out on the Western Bank
And started to let her play;
We baited up and let her run
And hauled our trawls that day

Next morning it was blowing hard;
Our vessel she went adrift,
The wind being from the south southeast
And all iced up on deck.

We shifted to the Western Bank
and finished our frozen squid
Then we went to Canso and got some more,
But we didn't finish all of it.

Then on our way to Magdalenes
We got among the ice;
We couldn't get over there for bait
So squared for P. E. I.

After laying there a week or more,
We then proceeded on;
We went to Cape North, a fishing there,
but the fish not being on;

After jogging round a day or more,
The fish then came around;
Some of the vessels had gone up north
Some went to Middle Ground

We finished fishing that baiting
And we started out for more;
We finished another small baiting,
Which makes a total of four.

On the last part of homeward passage,
The wind southeast by south;
After clearing up a little
We got in Middle south

The word was passed then all around
To come around in time;
And now the spring trip is ended
and everybody's feeling fine!

From the singing of Capt. Roger Conrad
From Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman by William Main Doerflinger (1951, '72, '91)