Come all you good people and listen unto me
I'll tell you of a tragedy that happened on the sea
On the 18th day of January as the sun went down
The Zubenelgenubi sailed out of Newport Town

She was duly built and fitted, seaworthy, it was said
Her skipper was Steve Goodwin from out of Marblehead
He was able, strong, confident, he'd fished for 20 years
Like all brave souls upon the sea, he had respect and fear

A fisherman's life was the life for me
I made my living out on the sea
Some call me fool, some call me brave
Now I rest in a watery grave

Aside from Captain Goodwin the crew did number three
There was Newport's own Steve Kelly, a fine young man was he;
Steve Haynes and Candace Stewart, oh they made up the crew
They hauled the traps far off the shore where the pleasures they are few

And they headed for Nantucket on a week to 10-day trip
Once out the winds did howl, the barometer did dip
And the winds that lashed about, ail off New England's shore
After 10 days out we heard not one word more


Winds lashed out fury, on destruction they were bent
While we in our warm houses, we waited for some news
There came no word or message of that boat or of her crew

Finally Goodwin's wife all on the 18th day
No longer could she stand, no longer could delay
She called upon the Coast Guard to search the ocean wide
And North to South and East to West, 'though nothing there was spied

Whatever was the fate of that boat or her crew
Will perhaps never be known to the likes of me or you
But we'll drink now unto them, wherever they may be
And all brave souls who risk their lives all on the ragin' sea

Jim McGrath