Now the Chesapeake so bold
sailed from Boston, we've been told,
For to take the British frigate
Neat and handy-o!
The people in the port
all came out to see the sport,
And the bands were playing
Yankee Doodle Dandy, O!

The British frigate's name,
Which for the purpose came
To cool the Yankee courage
Neat and handy-o
Was the Shannon - Captain Broke,
All her men were hearts of oak.
And at fighting were allowed to be
The dandy-o.

The fight had scarce begun
Ere they flinch-ed from their guns,
Which at first they started working
Neat and handy-o.
Then brave Broke he waves his sword,
Crying, "Now, my lads, aboard,
And we'll stop their playing
Yankee Doodle Dandy-o."

They no sooner heard the word.
Then they quickly jumped aboard,
And hauled down the Yankee colours
Neat and handy-o;
Notwithstanding all their brag,
Now the glorious British flag
At the Yankee mizzen peak
Was quite the dandy-o.

Here's a health, brave Broke, to you,
To your officers and crew,
Who aboard the Shannon frigate
Fought so handy-o;
And may it always prove,
That in fighting and in love,
The British tar for ever
Is the dandy-o.

From Sea Songs and Shanties by W. B. Whall (1910, 1912, 1913, 1920)