The Boston Come-All-Ye

(The Fishes; Come All Ye Young Sailors)

Come, all ye young sailormen, listen to me,
I'll sing you a song of the fish of the sea.
Ch: Then blow ye winds westerly, westerly blow,
We're bound to the south'ard, so steady she goes!

Oh, first come the whale, the biggest of all;
He clumb up aloft and let every sail fall.

And next come the mack’rel with his strip-ed back;
He hauled aft the sheets and boarded each tack.

Then come the porpoise with his short snout;
He went to the wheel, calling "Ready! About!"

Then come the smelt, the smallest of all;
He jumped to the poop and sung out "Topsail, haul!"

The herring come saying, "I'm king of the seas,
If you want any wind, why, I'll blow you a breeze."

Next come the cod with his chuckle-head;
He went to the main-chains to heave at the lead.

Last come the flounder as flat as the ground;
Says "Damn your eyes, chuckle-head, mind how you sound!"

From Roll and Go by Joanna Carver Colcord (1924)