Under the Southern Cross, sailing through the night
Under the Cross, the stars are shining bright.
It's grand to be sailing, sailing home again,
Home to New Zealand, Home to my friends.

I've been around the world boys, traveled many a mile
Seen the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids by the Nile,
And nothing can compare to such a wondrous sight
And that's the Southern cross on a summer starry night.

Mona Lisa in the Louvre, worth the weight in gold,
Smile is still a secret, story's still untold,
They say that she is beautiful, such a live night,
But I prefer the Southern Cross, on a summer night.

Parthenon in Athens standing on the hill,
Inspired many poets and ever more it will,
It is a thing of beauty, no one can deny,
But I'd rather see the Southern Cross hanging there so high!

Now I'm sailing home boys, gone to settle down,
Marry my old sweetheart from my hometown.
Every night when the stars are bright, we will go outside,
For to see the Southern Cross, way up there so high!

As sung by The Maritime Crew