Come all ye sons of Freedom,
Come, listen unto me,
I'll relate to you an engagement
Which happened on the sea,

Between the Enterprise and Boxer,
Two noble ships of fame,
Though the Enterprise is but small
Soon made the Boxer tame.

It was off Portland harbor
We cruised for a space,
When meeting a British sloop of war,
To them we showed our face.

We sent to them a challenge,
Wishing for them to see.
But they refused to accept of it
And face their enemies.

All on third of September,
It being a glorious day,
We fell in with the Boxer,
And had a bloody fray.

It being about Meridian
When we to them drew near,
We up with Yankee Colors,
And gave to them three cheers.

As we were sailing near that harbor,
With a sweet and pleasant gale,
The saucy Boxer hovering round,
And proudly spread her sail.

Until the Enterprise box'd her,
And quickly made them see
That, we all were Yankee heroes
Just from America.

So now we've gain'd the VICTORY,
My Yankee hearts of steel,
Let's save our enemies lives,
Who now to us must yield.

When we came on board my boys,
'Twould grieve your hearts full sore,
To see those proud Englishmen
Lay bleeding in their gore.

Come now our fight is ended,
And we'll go home with speed,
To join those Americans
Who've done such warlike deeds.

Then we'll join in choruses,
And this shall be our song,
"Good luck attend our Navy
In hopes 'twill flourish long."

It's now in Portland harbor
Our lucky ship does lay,
May God bless Lieutenant Burrows,
And all his warlike band.

Now we'll go on shore my boys,
Where Liberty does dwell,
It's one of the greatest blessings,
That nothing can excel.

Songs and Ballads of the Maine Lumberjacks, Gray (1924)