Oh the Lord, made the bees,
An' the bees did make the honey,
But the Divil sent the woman foe to rob us of our money.
An around Cape Horn we'll go!
An when me money's all spent ol' gal,
We'll round Cape Horn for more ol' gal ol'gal!


You're the one I do adore.
An all I'm living in hope to see,
Is ol' Swansea Town once more!

Now we're outward bound around Cape Horn
to 'Frisco an' around
I'll send you letters when we get there,
An' you'll know I'm homeward bound ol' gal ol' gal!

Now when we're homeward bound, my dear
I'll bring you silks galore,
I'll bring you jewels an' rings an' things,
An ye won't wear the weeds no more, ol' gal ol' gal.

Now when we're leaving 'Frisco Town,

Outside of the Golden Gate,
I'll write my last letter to you, me dear
Then ye won't have so long to wait, old gal, old gal!

An' when we're leavin' the old Fallerones,
bound for my o' Swansea,
I know ye'll pull gal, on the string,

For to haul me in from sea, old gal, old gal!

An then when we're rounded old Cape Horn,

Climbin' the hill for home
Passed teh Western Islands into the Bay
We'll have no further for to roam, old gal, old gal!

An' then when we up the Channel do sail,

I'll pray that you'll be there,
To wait, me dear, on Swansea pier
My lovely presents for to share, old gal, old gal!

When Swansea Town we're off once more,

We'll see the lights so clear,
I know that's Megan down on the pier
In her dimity apron dear, old gal, old gal!