Blow Ye Winds In The Morning

(Blow, Ye Winds)

The words of this shanty were copied from an old logbook in the New Bedford Public Library. Colcord (Roll and Go) could find no whalemen to explain the reference to forty-four points in the whaler's compass.

"Tonbas" is "Tumbez", at the mouth of the Guayaquil River, Ecuador (the whaling rendezvous to which Admiral Porter took his fleet of captured British whalers after his South Pacific raid in 1812).

"Tuckoona" is Talcahuano, on the Chilean coast, though the pronunciation of the name was Turkeywanna.

Whall takes a version from a ballad in Percy's Reliques called "The Baffled Knight" which includes a separate set of verses. He says it comes from the midshipman's berth rather than the forecastle.