From Gray:

This song, which was in the repertory of the famous singer Charles Incledon (1763-1826), is printed in the British Melodist, 2d edition (London [1819]), pp. 128-129; The Melodist (London, 1828), II, 306; Grigg's Southern and Western Songster (Philadelphia, 1829; also 1832, 1836, 1839), pp. 296-297; The Norwich Minstrel, edited by J. S. Wells (Norwich, 1831), p. 19 ("Susan's Dream");Fairburn's Everlasting Songster, 4th ed., p. 132; as well as in English broadsides. The music, by C. H. Florio, is given in The
Vocal Companion, edited by John Parry (London, 1837), pp. 68-69.