Skön Jungfrun Hon Gångar Sig Till Högsta Berg (The Pretty Maid Climbs Up the Highest Mountain)

The pretty maid climbs up the highest mountain,
To look out over the foaming sea,

(Repeat first two lines of a verse as chorus):
The pretty maid climbs up the highest mountain,
To look out over the foaming sea,

Then she could see a rolling ship,
Which sailed upon the sea.

The youngest, the very smallest boy,
Who was on board that ship,
He would with the maid betrothed be,
Although he was still so young.

When the lad should sail away,
To a far foreign shore,
So he took up five golden rings,
To place on the maiden's hand.

When the lad had sailed away,
The maid took another friend,
The lad to whom she gave her pledge,
She loved him now no more.

When three long years had passed away,
The boy came home again,
When he came home to his father's farm,
He asked how his sweetheart was.

"Now, you have been away many years,
Today your sweetheart will be a bride,
For we have both heard and thought,
That you were long since dead."

So he went into his bedroom,
Where he combed and oiled his hair,
Then he went to the wedding place,
Saw the bride before him stand.

"So, they have been lying to you,
And said that I was dead,
So it will not be but one more hour,
Ere you see my deep distress."

The boy he went into his own chamber,
And locked the door behind him,
So he sat himself down for to write,
A moving farewell letter.

When the letter at last was written,
And the hour had ticked away,
Then the lad drew forth his fine, golden knife,
And thrust it into his waist.

"God forgive me," said the poor girl,
"For the deed that I have done,
The one man I am now married to,
The other swims in blood."

Hugill's English translation