Störtebeker and Micheel, allies in piracy,
Shared their prey equally ashore and at sea,
But God was offended by their terrible deeds,
And shame was the end of their fruitless seeds.

Klas Störtebeker called "All hands to me!
Let us sail to the well-known Western Sea!"
And: "Hamburg merchantment beware!
Look out! We come! Take special care!"

And there they sailed, grapnels in hand,
They tempted God, it was their end.
Near Heligoland in the morning light,
They met their master in a furious fight.

The Bunte Kutz's back rammed the pirate frigate,
And this was their end, their shameful fate,
They were brought to Hamburg, in iron chains,
Their heads to lose and thus end their strain.

Drone Rosenfeld was the hangman's name,
Many a head under his sword there came,
He bound his shoes up to their highest point,
For he stood in blood soon to his ankle-joint.

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)