Banks of the Sacramento is an American heaving shanty from the mid 20th century. This "gold-rush" shanty is an adaptation of Stephen Foster's well-known minstrel song Camptown Races, which was published in 1850:

Camptown ladies, sing dis song,
Doo da, Doo da!
Camptown race track five miles long,
Doo da, doo da day!

Gwine to run all night,
Gwine to run all day,
I'll bet my money on de bob-tailed nag,
Somebody bet on de bay!

Go down dar wid my hat caved in,
Come back home wid my pockets full ob tin.

De long-tailed filly and de big black hoss
Dey fly de track and dey both cut across,

De blind hoss stickin' in a big mud hole,
Can't touch bottom wid a ten-foot pole.

Old muley cow come out on de track,
De bob he fling her ober his back,

Den fly along like a railroad car
Runnin' a race wid a shootin'-star.

De sorrel hoss he's got a cough,
An' his rider's drunk in de old hay-lof'.

Dar's fo’teen hosses in dis race,
I'm snug in de saddle an' got a good brace,

De bob-tail hoss she can't be beat,
Runnin' around in a two-mile heat.

I win my money on de bob-tail nag,
An' carry it home in de old tow-bag.