Det Blåser Kallt, Kallt Våder Ifran Sjön (The Cold, Cold Weathers Blowin' In From the Sea)

Oh, 'twas when I was in my fourteenth year,
Ch: The cold weather's blowin' in from sea!
Then I began to sail over the billows so blue,
Ch: The cold, cold weather's blowin' in from sea!

And when I'd sailed for a month or two,
I was respected as the captain's own son.

Oh, when we sailed into Kalmar's harbor,
We took in all sail and then warped the ship to shore.

Oh, when I came out on to Karlmar's market,
There stood a girl with a green-painted basket.

Oh, when I came out to Karlmar's toll-gate
The same girl stood there, so willing a mate.

Oh, then I said to the girl like this,
Say will you not give me just one little kiss?

No thank, my fine fellow, I will not kiss you,
For if you get one, so will you have two.

But then I took this girl into my heart,
And carried her down to Karlmar's port.

So now we are married, oh, so now she is mine,
For I got mine where ye all had taken thine.

Oh, had the power like old-time sages,
The girls would be all locked up in cages.

Oh, had I the power and it was mine,
All the lads would get keys to admit them.

He who sings this song and will not put into port,
He forfeits five riks-dollars and nevermore will court.

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)