Supen Ut, En Dram Pä Man (Sink It Down, A Tot Each Man)

(Oyez, Oyez)

Oh, sink it down, a tot each man,
Oh, soon the ship will clear the land,
If ye heave strong and bear a hand,
Ch: A good tot for us Johnnies!

Out of deep throats we're calling you,
A tot which goes from man to man,
A tot for us Johnnies!

Ho, steward, bring the bottle-O,
Pour out a tot -- four fingers, so,
The way to Rio's long, ye know,

The caps'n pawls are clankin' slow,
But now we heavy more lively-O,
Such "oil" is useful, as you know!

The steward soon will bring more rum,
As soon as we've made one more run,
Breast high the bars now, every son!

'Vast heavin', bullies, clear the fall,
New on the stays'l halyard haul,
The bark now from the wind does fall.

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)