Flash Gals of the Town

A crinoline is a stiff, structured petticoat that holds out a skirt.

Shadwell Basin is a part of the London Docks opened in the 1820s. It was said to host ten almshouses build with money from Captain Cook, and it later developed into slums.

Stan Hugill gives the now famous explanation of Nelson's Blood as follows:

The phrase "Nelson's Blood refers to rum, and sailors tell a yarn about how this came to be so.

Sailing ships often carried casks of wine and rum on their long voyages. Sailors in these ships would try to broach the casks by boring a hole, inserting a feather quill, and sucking out the contents. After Nelson died at Trafalgar, to get him home without his flesh deteriorating, it is said that brother officers had him placed in a huge cask of rum (in actual fact it was brandy), The sailors, unknowingly and following their custom, bored a hole, inserted a quill, and sucked out the rum. From that time onward, to broach a cask on shipboard was "Bleedin' the Admiral" and rum was henceforth called "Nelson's Blood".
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